Your cheatin’ heart (PG13)

Your cheatin’ heart (PG13)

I read an interesting FB post link yesterday.  I think it was titled, “Why married men don’t cheat” or some such thing.  I skimmed it, as Jim and I discuss this every now and again, when we hear about some celebrity affair/divorce.  I just don’t understand what people don’t get – once you’re committed to someone you don’t look around for something better.  I almost reposted it, because the last statement was something like “Married men should never give up on their families for sex.”  I agree with that (hence the almost repost).  Then I glanced a little further up and saw a comment about how men don’t leave wives when they are having an active sex life.  Oops – nope, can’t repost that one.   I totally disagree.  I know of a number of marriages where one or the other spouse had an affair, even with an active marriage sex life.

It has always made me wonder why someone who is “getting some” at home needs to look for more somewhere else.  Maybe it’s just to spice things up a bit.  Maybe they are bored at home.  Maybe it isn’t for the sex at all, maybe they are getting another need met and it just evolves into a sexual relationship.  I don’t have the answer to that.

Recently, the pastor at our new church had a series on the Modern Family and he made some very good points.

His research showed that the top three needs of women are…

  • Security
  • Leadership
  • Communication

The top three needs of men are…

  • Honor
  • Sex
  • Companionship

Interesting, don’t you think?

I would say the best idea, if you are struggling with staying true to your spouse, would be to avoid temptation completely.   So if you’ve been talking with someone a lot and you happen to think they are attractive and they invite you for a drink… what will you do?  Just say, “NO thank you.  I’m headed home to my wife/husband” and go home.  Before you cheat on your spouse, think of what you might be losing.

Ok, stepping off my soapbox now.  Have a wonderful weekend!


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