Your Brain and Toxins

Your Brain and Toxins

Your Brain & Toxins

 Janet Harrison, MSOD, gave a winning speech at our Toastmasters Club meeting last night.  It was packed full of great information and she has, graciously, allowed me to share some of it with you!

She talked about how the toxins that we take in, whether environmental or food/beverage, can damage our brain.

Janet gave us Three Toxin Free Principles

  1. Know the ingredients
  • Read the labels on ALL products
  1. Choose Green
  • Eat natural products
  • Use natural products
  1. Less is more
  • De-clutter your home and office

She also gave us Five Actions to Reduce Toxins

1)      Breathe clean air

2)      Get enough sleep

3)      Consume a rainbow of natural fruits and vegetables

4)      Drink filtered water

5)      Simplify your environment

I did a lot of nodding and smiling during Janet’s speech, because what she was saying was spot on.

THEN, she challenged us to do one thing every day to reduce our toxin intake.  Well you know me, I love a challenge!  I already know a couple of things I can improve on.  (Label reading and using natural products.)

How about YOU, what are you going to do to reduce the toxins your brain is taking in?  Go ahead, accept the challenge!



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