Year End

Year End

Random Thoughts

Wow! My December has just been NUTZ! We started out with a vacation to Australia (checking off the bucket list – grin). We came home to our soldier, unexpectedly, home on leave (which was a very nice surprise). This created company from out of state for a few days. Then, of course the goodbyes. After having a full house & being crazy busy, everyone was gone – even my husband who was out of town for business. Wow, what a difference! And then – stomach bug (oh joy) and in bed for the entire week, UGH. This was promptly followed by Christmas and now we are in the week between Christmas & New Year. Top this all off with the ever-changing date of my son’s deployment and it makes for a rollercoaster month, for sure. Where did December GO?

Do you sometimes feel like shouting, “Stop the merry-go-round! I want to get off!” I’ve seen a couple of Facebook posts to that effect, just this morning. One was a comment about being stuck in a cycle, the other was a longing for simpler times.

Ah, but we cannot go backwards, we can only go forward. We cannot change what has already happened, but we can change how we proceed from here on out. Some people sit back and let life happen to them, always playing catch up and being behind the eight ball. They are always in a reactive role. There are others that are proactive. These are the ones that know what they want (or at least know what they think they want) and go after it. They are the movers and the shakers, the ones who are making their future happen. However, I propose that the people who are able to find the most joy in life are the ones who can find a happy balance between these two. The people who have a plan, know what they want and go after it, yet are able to roll with the punches (the disappointments and unexpected turns that life can take that are out of our control). The ones who think – “recomputing” (haha). You know, okay, plan A didn’t work, plan B is shot to smithereens – let’s go with plan C ( or D or whatever the next one is).

I strive for that in between. I don’t always achieve it and life sometimes knocks me off the horse, but I get up and get back on, leading the horse in a new direction (not letting the horse lead). It is my hope that you all can find your in between and that 2011 will be a WONDERFUL year for you!

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