Wow – this is harder than I thought!

Wow – this is harder than I thought!

ARGH!  I had a whole entry typed up, previewed it and found some errors, changed it, saved it and published it.  Wa-La, the original draft with the errors showed up.  Wow even “cut” and “paste” aren’t working right.  I’m sure my husband would say, “Operator error.”  Oh boy, this is going to be a learning process!

Okay, now to see if I can recapture some of the witty comments I had thought of earlier – grin.

I decided to use for my blog, as that is who my web site is with and they could link the two easily.  I am using the free version until I get the hang of things.  So, you will see a picture of a man looking at his watch.  This is part of the template and I could not change it, in the free version.  It is not anyone I know and has nothing to do with my blog topics.  Sigh.

I have decided that Fridays will be “blog day.”  Yes, I know today is Saturday, but it took me yesterday and today to even get this much up and running.  As technically savvy as some folks think I am, I have a LOT to learn. 

I need a name for my blog.  This is proving difficult as I am not exactly clear on the direction it will take.

I want this blog to be an AHA moment, for some.  I want to state the obvious that no one else will say.  I want to hear people say “I know THAT’S right.”  I want to make people smile, giggle and maybe even laugh out loud.  I want to encourage people who are unhappy.  I want to support our military and their families.  Hearing an occassional “Amen” or “HOOAH!”  would help me to know I’m on the right track.  I want to be a voice of hope for people.  There is always hope.

See why I’m having a tough time coming up with a name? ” Pam’s grab bag – take from it what you want”  might work – grin.

Ok, I’ve been working on this since last evening (even in my sleep – sigh).  If I understand blogging, you all – anybody who might be reading this – have the opportunity to comment (kindly please).  I look forward to hearing your thoughts on a blog name and how I may encourage you.

Catch ya Friday.  Have a wonderful weekend.  Love to all.

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