Workin’ for the weekend

Workin’ for the weekend

What’s The Draw of Alcohol?

Let me just say, I am not out to entice anyone to drink, to tell you to stop drinking, or to judge anyone for their actions.  I am just throwin’ the topic out there for the heck of it – just as a discussion, so to speak.

So why do people start drinking in the first place?  It certainly isn’t because that stuff tastes good!  Let’s face it – your first drink of any alcoholic beverage is not enjoyable.  Beer tastes like dirty dishwater.  Wine is like fruit juice that has gone bad.  Liquor adds a medicinal aftertaste to anything it is mixed with, and straight shots burn like a fire as they go down.  I can’t imagine anyone actually enjoys their first drink.  It is an “acquired taste”, sorta like skim milk or diet soda.  You continue to drink it until you have decided it’s not so bad, and then you eventually decide you like it.

I am by no means an innocent.  I had my wild and crazy days.  As I got older, and had more responsibilities, I discovered I walked a fine line between tipsy and sick.  Eventually, as I drank less, I discovered that one drink would give me a headache, so I gave it up completely.  Do I miss it? No.  Can I put forth my opinion with some experience behind it?  You bet.

So, we are back to why do people start drinking?  For me, it was to be cool – all the cool people drank, my friends, movie stars, musicians, some of my favorite family members.  Of course, it’s also “grown up” and can be illegal, if you’re not of legal age – so there’s a sense of danger in it.  It’s exciting, and it sure looks like everybody who is drinking is having a great time.  Aren’t they?

Let’s talk about “types” of drinkers. You have the occasional drinker, the one who will have a drink every so often.  You have the social drinker, the one who drinks when out with friends or at a social function (wedding, business meeting).  Of course there is the par-tay drinker, who lives for the weekend.  Sports drinkers who just a have a few beers while watching the game.  The after work drinker who has a couple to unwind after a day at the office.  The wine (or other) with dinner drinker, to help the digestion.  Most of these types of folks are not hard core drinkers, they usually maintain pretty well, with the occasional, “whoops, I had one too many” night in the bathroom.

Speaking of sick, what are some of the effects of alcohol?  Well, we have spending the night in the bathroom puking your guts out – ugh, then we have silly, funny, giddy, tipsy, off balance (you know the “fun” effects).  Some people, however, get angry, violent, stupid, depressed and suicidal.  Those are the ones I worry about.

What about the aforementioned hard core drinkers, the drunks, the alcoholics?  Typically, they are the ones who drink to hide their pain.  Does it?  Maybe for a little while, but then the alcohol wears off, or they get depressed while they are drunk and they dwell on their pain and it seems much worse than it is.  I recently had someone call me, drunk, crying, and saying “I never wanted to be like this.”  When this person is no longer drunk, will they remember the depths of their despair?  I certainly hope so, for in that sad and desperate statement is the desire to change.  If the desire is followed with courage and determination this person can get out of the bondage of the cycle of alcohol.  What a great day that would be!

For those of you who are hard core, hiding your pain, drinkers – there is help out there if you choose to seek and accept it. 

For those of you who are fun drinkers, as the Budweiser commercial says, “Please drink responsibly.” 

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