Why am I blogging?

Why am I blogging?

Why Am I Blogging?

Okay, first off, I really like this font – grin.  Hm, although it may not actually show up as a different font here.  Hmm, will have to post it to find out…

So, when my husband said I needed to start a blog, I thought – no way, what will I say?  He suggested just taking my daily posts and making them longer.  Okay, I can do that. I have friends who blog. They write about their personal life and what is happening with them.  So, who reads these? I suppose friends and family members who want to keep up with what the blogger is up to.  There are business people who blog. They write about what they are up to in their business, or the latest business buzz topic of the day.  The only real experience I have with a blog is watching the movie Julie/Julia, in which her husband suggested she start a blog.

Now she posted every day, and I am posting weekly.  She had a project that she worked on daily and wrote about that.  I have many projects that keep me busy, but I’m not sure they would be anything anyone is interested in.  I remember her mother was the first (and only for a while) person who commented on her blogs and the comment was something like, ”This is your mother, why are you blogging? Nobody is reading what you are writing.”

I kinda feel like that.  No, my mother has not sent me a comment like that. I have gotten a few comments, which is encouraging.  I must say, it is tough to just put things out there and wonder if you are making a difference.  I got thinking about this yesterday and the song “Is anybody there, does anybody care?” from the musical 1776, came to my mind.  I even posted it in my status yesterday, and no one commented.  Oh, the irony – haha.

I continue to blog because I hope that I am providing encouragement, and maybe a couple of chuckles, to people. I remember in the movie how Julie didn’t feel that she was reaching anyone, and then she got her first non-mom comment.  Of course, if you’ve seen the movie, you know how it goes – I don’t want to give it away for those who haven’t seen it.  So, I will continue to plug away at it.

I leave you with these questions… Is anybody there?  Does anybody care?

I’m volunteering at the Extraordinary Women Conference this weekend, so I will return filled to overflowing and be ready and willing to share!  HOOAH!

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