Who ate the kid’s candy?

Who ate the kid’s candy?

I don’t know about you, but for me – Halloween through New Year’s Eve is a battle of the bulge.  People sometimes comment on what a strong will-power I must have not to eat all the typical junk food.  I confess, I don’t have a strong will-power… I just don’t have it in my house.

For Halloween, we gave away candy I don’t like, so I wouldn’t be tempted to eat it.  Then I had Jim take what was left in to his office.  My in-laws visited recently and we bought some snack food that they like.  I had some, ‘cause it was here.  When they left, I made them take it with them.  They brought some chocolate for us, which was very nice of them.   I had an entire chocolate/caramel bar while watching a movie one night.  I was up ‘til the wee hours (lesson learned).  I made Jim stash the rest of it.  Am I being silly?  Well maybe, but I know if I have it in the house, it calls to me.  Chuckle.

So can anyone else relate?  ‘Tis the season of food.  If “holiday weight gain” is something you are familiar with and would prefer to avoid, here are some tips…

  • Portion Control
  • Say “no” to seconds
  • Make healthy snacks to take to other people’s parties
  • Be aware of the calories in your beverages (Eggnog – hello!)
  • Keep up with your exercise routine
  • If it’s going to call to you, don’t have it in the house – grin

You can avoid weight gain over the holidays, you just need to be proactive and aware.  ENJOY!



*This blog written by Pam Horton, a life coach in the Greater Raleigh Area*



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