Who are we looking up to?

Who are we looking up to?

I may have written about this before, but with the recent headline I saw about Lady Gaga smoking pot on stage – well, frankly – I was surprised.  I didn’t read the article, but isn’t pot illegal (except for maybe medicinal reasons in some states)?  How can a celebrity (or anyone, for that matter) do something illegal in front of thousands of people and… that’s COOL?  No, that’s SCARY!

Of course, I’m a child of the 60’s and people used to say Elvis & The Beatles were bad influences.  Okay, maybe they were – grin. 

How many people do you know actually look up to someone you would consider a good role model?  Depending on the people you hang around with, your answer will vary.  It certainly seems the famous people with the most outrageous lifestyles get the most press.  We hear the most about them, so they must be cool and we want to be cool so we emulate them, right?  Certainly seems to be the case with many people I know.

I sure wish we had some positive role models for kids to look up to and try to emulate.  Ah, but really – we do.   Most of them aren’t famous newsmakers.  They are your coaches, teachers, preachers, parents, Girl/Boy Scout Leaders, etc.  They are the people in your community who care about the future of our children.  (Ok, I know not all of these people are wonderful, one only needs to look at the news to hear about someone abusing their position.  I believe that to be unusual.  I can only hope that those who are looking to help others (instead of help themselves) are genuine and safe to be around.)  Let’s thank those people and point them out as role models.  If you care about others, and have some spare time, volunteer somewhere.  The world can always use more good role models.

I think I’m going to watch a Walton’s re-run.  You’ve got to admit… THAT was a good show, with good role models!


*This blog is written by Pam Horton, a Life Coach in Apex, NC.


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    Interesting. If anyone has any insight on why the first paragraph is a different font and size than the rest of the post, feel free to share. I can’t seem to make it match the rest, sorry. Pam

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