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Who are better friends for women, women or men?

I imagine who you are drawn to is a matter of personal preference.
Let’s take a look at some opinions held about each… on second thought, let’s skip that because I am coming from a tainted view. I do find it interesting that there are others who share my opinion.
Ok, I’ll just come out and say it… I think guys make better friends, as long as they are just being friends and don’t want to be friends with benefits.
I find I tend to get along better with guys. They often keep things superficial. They don’t really want to know your deepest personal feelings. You can joke around with them and they don’t get offended. If they don’t like someone, they don’t come around. They aren’t usually judgmental, because they screw up to. They don’t care what you’re wearing. If they have your contact information, they won’t share it with others without permission.
I find women friends to be a little more difficult to get to know. Having moved a lot, I don’t have that circle of childhood friends that I have known all my life. It is often difficult to break into a group of women friends. Some women aren’t the best keeper of others deep thoughts. Occasionally, women might judge someone, even if they have done the same thing! There are women who keep track of what others are wearing.
Okay, yes, there are guys that are total jerks and there are women who are trustworthy sweethearts. I avoid the jerks and count the sweethearts among my friends (ya’ll know who you are). I think most people would say the same thing, right?
If your friends are jerks (men or women) avoid them. It’s time to go out and find yourself some real friends. They DO exist, you might just have to look a little harder.
If your friends are trustworthy sweethearts (again, men or women) treasure them.
I am blessed to count my favorite guy, my husband, as my best friend. Who’s your best friend?

*Pam Horton is a Board Certified Advanced Christian Life Coach, in the Raleigh area.*

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