Where do they GET this stuff?!

Where do they GET this stuff?!

Where do they GET this stuff?!

I just love my grandchildren – they crack me up – haha.  My little grandson isn’t talking yet, but he brings me such joy.  His facial expressions are very animated – he can get his thoughts across with a look, and he is such a snuggle bug, grin.  Now my granddaughter – she is a hoot!  She is three going on sixteen. 

I took a video of her the other day singing in a gravily voice, “I need to rock, I need a rock n roll baaand.”  She tried chocolate chip ice cream for the first time a couple of weeks ago and came out with, “This is amazing!”  A few days ago, she wanted to get into the cupboard where all the plasticware is, but it was time for dinner, so Jim told her she couldn’t get in there right now and she commented, “But there’s some cool stuff in there.”   Last week she wasn’t happy with something I said and she scrunched her face all up, pointed at her face with both pointer fingers extended, and said (with tone and attitude), “Does this look like my happy face to you?”  I about died.

So, where do little kids come up with these incredibly-timed, accurate statements?  They sure don’t just pull it out of thin air.  They are mimicking what they see.  Whether they are hearing and seeing it from family and friends, or TV, they are mimicking.

One day, while driving the GKs (my nickname for the grandkids) to my house, I couldn’t see around a vehicle to pull out and said, “Oh, I can’t see.”  I really said this to myself, but my little granddaughter piped up with, “You have to be careful, Bumpy (that’s what she calls me), because a car might crash into us and then you’d have to say a bad word.”  Out of curiosity I asked, “What bad word?”  She immediately replied, “S***”, just as calm as you please.  Oops.  I quickly had to backtrack and confirm that yes that was a bad word and little girls shouldn’t say that word, to which she replied, “You’re right.”  Yep, three goin’ on sixteen.

Moral of the story?  Be aware of what you are doing and saying.  Little eyes are watching, little ears are hearing, and little children are mimicking.  AND – you never know when something you’ve said or done may come back to bite you.  Ask any kindergarten teacher – whoo honey – kids really do say the darnedest things!

Be the person you want your child to be. Grin.

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