When the dark shadow comes

When the dark shadow comes

The pictures you see were left by someone I love very dearly.  When I found them, I asked if I could use them for a blog.  They are shared with permission.

What do you see when you look at them?

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I’ll tell you what I see…

Picture 1.  I see someone walking with a dark shadow.  The shadow could be fear, doubt, worry, stress, anxiety, depression, anger.  The shadow is whatever darkness exists for that person.  Do you notice it is slightly bigger than the red figure (our loved one)?

Picture 2.  The dark shadow has managed to get much bigger and turn into a dark storm cloud.  Our loved one definitely appears afraid of the storm to come.

Picture 3.  A bright light, which could be representative of a number of overcoming things

  • God
  • Hope
  • Love
  • A parent or grandparent
  • A dear friend

has come and burst through the darkness, bringing it back down to a more manageable size.  Notice that whatever the dark shadow is, it is still there, but our loved one doesn’t seem to be afraid of it at this point.  It has been defeated, at least momentarily.

Picture 4.  This last picture shows the dark shadow being back down to the size of our loved one, and even not black, but brown.  Our loved one is smiling.  Perhaps they are confident that the dark shadow will not grow into that dark storm cloud again.

I am blessed to be able to say that anxiety, fear, and depression are not issues I deal with.  However, I have friends and family members who struggle with the dark shadows that hang over people.  I love how my loved one drew out their emotions and showed that while they were scared, they were able to grasp on to something/someone to help the light burst through the darkness.

How about you? Are you someone who struggles with dark shadows around you?  If so, please reach out to someone who can be that bright light for you and help you push the darkness away.

Do you know someone who has darkness in their life?  Be the person they can reach out to for help.  Make yourself available.  Listen intently.  If they aren’t asking for help and you are concerned ask the question… “Are you okay?”  Let them know they can talk to you, or that you will at least, point them to someone who can help.

Together, we can allow people to become confident that their shadow will not become overwhelming and see them smiling again.

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