When is the RIGHT time for Christmas Decorations?

When is the RIGHT time for Christmas Decorations?

This is an often discussed topic, and can be a cause of unnecessary stress.

I know that everyone has an opinion on this.  How has your opinion been formed?  Why do we put up decorations when we do?

  • It’s what our parents did, so it’s what we do
  • The neighbors put theirs up
  • Decorations are out in the stores
  • We like to have them up for Thanksgiving
  • We put them up the weekend after Thanksgiving
  • And the list goes on

Do you enjoy putting up the decorations?   Some people LOVE putting up Christmas decorations.  Others find it a pain in the neck.

Do you enjoy having the decorations up?  Many people enjoy the Christmas season and the beauty it brings.  Some people struggle to even fit a tree in the corner, they just don’t have room.   Of course there’s always that debate… real or artificial tree?

The right “time” to put up your decorations is totally up to you, so don’t let anyone influence you into a time that you aren’t comfortable with.   My family has changed the “when” a few times.  We used to put the tree up Thanksgiving weekend.  As the kids got older, it became a Christmas Eve event and it came down New Years Day.  This year one of the boys is coming down Thanksgiving weekend, and we will put the tree up and have the grandkids help decorate.  Will this be our new tradition?  Who knows.  Next year we’ll have to see.  Your family’s perfect time is up to you – enjoy it.

As to how much or how little… that’s a personal preference, too.  I know people who really go all out, nicely, but decorations in every room.  I know people who have minimal decorations and are happy with that.  We’ve gone from one spectrum to the other.  Now that we are empty nesters, I tend towards the minimalist, but when the kids were little, yup our house was all decorated up – at least the downstairs.  Do what makes you comfortable and what makes you (and your family) happy.

Thanksgiving and Christmas should be happy. joyful, times.  No stress required – the less stress the better!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving, next week.  Remember to be thankful – grin.


*Pam Horton is a Board Certified Stress Management Coach in the Raleigh area.*


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