What’s a little disagreement between friends?

What’s a little disagreement between friends?

I have got to tell you a funny story…
I have been working in early intervention this week and the number of children far exceed the number of adults. Obviously, the adults can’t have eyes on every child at all times. It’s more of a constant scanning, but kids seem to know when an adult is looking the other way.

One day, two girls got into a scuffle and when an adult made it over there to stop them, one of the girls started crying. When an adult asked the child why she was crying, the child truly stated, “She hit me back!” Oh, MY! Of course, there was a brief discussion about using words instead of hitting each other. But, talk about the lesson of natural consequences! Chuckle. *Let me be clear here… no one was injured.*

The very next day, these same two girls got into a tussle over a toy. It was the other girl’s turn to cry this time. They had the “Use your words” discussion again, too.

What I find to be interesting though, is that these two girls could not be separated later in the day. They were best buds. Isn’t it cool that two friends could get so mad at each other and yet a short while later carry on as if nothing had come between them?

We know children learn by watching adults. Have you ever considered adults could learn by watching children?

How often do we hear about people who have been friends for years (or perhaps people who are family members) having an argument and being so mad that they cut off all ties and never talk to them again? They just can’t seem to get past the hurt and forgive the person. I bet we all know someone in that situation.

Realistically, it’s pretty silly, or prideful, to let a friendship or a family fall apart because of a disagreement. I’m not talking about an abusive relationship here, that’s a different situation all together, you need to make sure you and your children are safe. But, for your typical friend or family “spat” it’s just silly to lose that relationship.

If children can fight and makeup, adults should be able to, too. I mean, we are the grownups, after all.

*Pam Horton is a Board Certified Advanced Christian Life Coach, in the Raleigh area.*


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