What do you believe about good and evil?

What do you believe about good and evil?

It’s an interesting question don’t you think?

 I’m reading a series of books by Joel Rosenberg.  My husband had read them and recommended them, but I thought they were documentaries, so didn’t pick them up.  Out of reading material last month, I started one and discovered they are suspenseful fiction, and I can’t put them down!  I’m picking up one right after the other.

One of the characters is from Israel, and he says to an American (something like…) the reason you Americans seem to be caught off-guard by major acts of violence, is that you don’t believe, or understand, the existence of evil.  For a fictional character he could be realistically correct.  Think about it.

What do you think the definition of evil is?

Merriam-Webster online defines evil as…

: morally bad

: causing harm or injury to someone

: marked by bad luck or bad events

That doesn’t sound so bad.

One description I’ve heard is that evil is the absence of good.

 I would describe evil as some thing or act so horrible as to be completely incomprehensible.  Such as

  • ·         Flying planes into buildings
  • ·         Killing people just because
  • ·         Sexual violence against children

I’m sure you have your own thoughts on what you consider to be acts of evil.

Does evil exist in the dictionary form?  Most definitely.  Does it exist in the way I think of it?  Obviously.  Those things have happened. 

Are we, as Americans, unaware of the existence of evil?  Perhaps we were, but I think as these behaviors continue, we have to acknowledge that evil exists.  What makes someone commit these heinous acts?  Sometimes with no remorse?!   

Is there truly a battle between good and evil being fought around us?  {Picture the little devil on one shoulder and the little angel on the other.}  Which one will win?  Things certainly seem to be getting worse in the world.  Can we control what others do?  In most cases not, but we can control what we do.  You’ve heard the term, “Kill them with kindness.”  Perhaps the way to counter evil is with kindness.

Or perhaps these books are getting to me – grin.  If you like political thrillers, I would highly recommend them.

OH!  I just realized it’s Friday the 13th! 


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