Wellbeing Matters

Wellbeing Matters

Last month we looked at various aspects of Well-being (career, social, financial, physical, community, spiritual), and we asked you to rate where you were in each aspect on a 1-10 scale. You probably discovered that some aspects of your well-being are in good shape and others need some improvement.

The next step is to set some goals for what, why and how to improve. To get you thinking about goal setting in the well-being areas, let’s just focus on two things:

1. Why improve? What is the big reason for improving in a given area? To improve your over all well-being is one answer. But write down what it is for you specifically that will result from improvement in this area. This question really gets at the motivation and inspiration for change. So what is your “big WHY” in each area?

2. Do you believe you can improve your well-being? This question points to the biggest obstacle you will have in improving your well-being. Our beliefs drive our behaviors. If our beliefs limit us from taking certain actions, we are likely to never reach our goals or be satisfied in various areas of our life. Write down those beliefs that you have that are likely limiting your ability to improve your well-being.

Career examples might include:
I’m not educated enough to contribute to the community.
I’m not skilled enough to go after that promotion.
I’m not a salesperson and thus cannot start a business.

Social examples might include:
I’m socially awkward, so I’ll stay home alone.
I don’t have anything interesting to add to a conversation.
Nobody would want to go out with me, I’m….

Financial examples might include:
I’m in so much debt, one more sale on the charge card won’t matter.
I can’t afford to go to college.
I’ll never have enough money to…

Physical examples might include:
My entire family is overweight, you can’t fight genes.
Exercise is boring.
I’ll never be in the shape that_____ is.

Community examples might include:
Nobody cares about me.
There is nothing to do in this town.
If they would only __________ then I’d be happy.

Spiritual examples might include:
I’ve done too much in my past for God to forgive me.
The pastor didn’t come to the hospital to see me, I must not matter to the church.
There is no God, it’s every man for himself.