No, this is not about court proceedings, this is about LIFE.  There is a song with a verse that says “we’re all one phone call from our knees”.  Oh man, how true.  Some of us may be blessed to have not had one of these phone calls in our lives, yet.  Others have had way too many of them.

Let’s run a small list of some things that could bring us to our knees, understanding that everyone is different and will react in a different way… a car accident, your house burned down, a school shooting, a terrorist attack, a natural disaster, sexual assault, your spouse had an affair, your child was suspended from school, you’ve lost your job, you have a lifelong health problem, your pet just got hit by a car, and the list goes on.

How would you handle this info? 

I am currently taking a course in Life Coaching for Stress.  It’s quite amazing, and if I give you the secret it may put me out of a job, but what the hay – it’s good info…

There is actually a stress formula that can evaluate how stressed you are.  Basically, they take into account your stress environments (work, home, self, and surroundings) and your current stress events – what is happening in your life (death, divorce, move, new child, marriage – happy or sad).  They also look at aggravators (how you deal with things – are you a drama queen/king?) and your fitness level (what things you do to relax, diet/exercise, beliefs, etc.).  If you think about this, your environment and your events are not really all that changeable, I mean you have to go to work/ home, and stuff happens.  However, your aggravators and fitness level are things within your control.  You can determine how you react to things, and you can make a point of being/doing healthy things to help reduce your stress level.

So, we’re back to how do you react when you get that bad news?  I would think the absolutely most devastating news would be the death of a loved one.  As with any news that is devastating to you, you must not allow yourself to be swallowed up by it.  Yes, people are sad, mad, depressed, shocked, any number of expected reactions.  The tricky part becomes how long, and that will differ for everyone.  There comes a point, though, that we must gather our strength and move past the event.  It may be tough going and it may be a slow process but we must move forward.  We must come to the realization that it is not within our control (yes, we can get a new job – and should, we can manage our health issues – and should, but the fact that we will be out of a job is not in our control, nor is the health issue we were born with).  We must come to terms with what has happened, analyze the best way to proceed, and move ahead.  It may not be easy but it must be done.

This is Good Friday, for Christians it is the day that Jesus died on the cross.  For those people who believe in God, or a higher power, there comes a sense of peace with the understanding that this life is only temporary and we will live again in Heaven.  For those readers who do not believe in God, or a higher power – let me just sum up by saying “There is always Hope.”

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