Transitioning from Military to Civilian

Transitioning from Military to Civilian

“Mr. Horton”

It is with great pride, relief, and a little sadness, that I report, as of today, our youngest son is now a civilian.

I grew up in the Army.  I was born into it and was a senior in high school when my dad retired.  The last three years, while our son has been on active duty, have been like homecoming for me.

  • I wore all my Proud Army Mom clothes and my Red Friday shirts.
  •   “HOOAH!”  became my favorite word… I love that word – teehee.
  • We supported our son, and his platoon, with weekly care packages during their deployment.
  •  We embraced and lived “Army Strong.”

Our son was in the infantry.  It is now time for him to return to civilian life and go to school (on the GI Bill).  I admit I will miss the camaraderie of the Army families I have come to know and grown to love.  I also admit, I won’t miss wondering if my son is alright or not.

Of course, through the wonders of technology, I can stay in touch with those I have met (both in person and through the “net”).  I will continue to offer encouragement and support to the Army families who are seeking information and coping skills.  AND, now that our son will be navigating the

  • VA system
  • GI Bill
  • Veteran’s benefits
  • Veteran job searches

I will have a whole new set of information, knowledge, and coping skills to share… HOOAH!

I say with pride that, “My dad and youngest my son are veterans.”

I thank all of our veterans. We continue to pray, without ceasing, for our military and their families.  Freedom isn’t Free.



*Pam Horton is a Certified Christian Life Coach working with military families.*


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