Transforming Energy

Transforming Energy

I have been reading a book on ‘intrapreneurship” and it referenced a law of thermodynamics that says:

  • Energy cannot be created or destroyed, but simply transforms.

For the book, it was talking about creative energy of employees, but I immediately fell in love with this law.

Think of it.  It’s certainly true of me, especially in the morning!  If you consider your energy for a moment, it cannot be destroyed or created.  If you are asleep, you energy is not making you physically active, but it is active in a different form, it is unwinding the stresses of your day, allowing your body to recover, rejuvenate, recuperate, and be ready for the next day.  Morning comes and we wake up, in that moment our energy starts working on making us coherent and functional.  Of course, a little coffee will give it a slight boost and speed up the process. 

I’ve seen a video around social media of a guy who, supposedly, harnesses his clients’ energy and helps to relieve them of stress, tension, and pain.  Way back in my bartending days, I had a customer suggest that I “concentrate on your pain point,” to help me get rid of a headache.  He claimed that a person could move their pain right out of their body.  He said to mentally concentrate on the pain point, then slowly move it down my arm and to the tip of my little finger.  Once at the tip of my finger, I was to see it leaving my body.  It was an interesting concept, and it actually worked on relieving my headache.  I imagine that is what the guy in the video is doing.  I think meditation must do something similar, right?  You concentrate on how your body feels and by concentrating, even on nothing, it allows you to relax.

What do you think?  Are you transforming energy in your body?  Is it beneficial for you? 

Jim said the law about energy was referring to atoms and molecules and things like the atom bomb.  I told him my morning coffee had the same reaction on me.  It sets off all my connectors and BAM, I’m a fully functioning, pleasant adult. Yes, we laugh a lot.