To move or not to move?

To move or not to move?

To move or not to move – that is the question

I tell my husband he’s a lucky guy (grin).  I was raised an Army “brat.”   Born into it and was a senior in high school when my dad retired.  I moved twelve times in my 18 years (I think I have that right).  I never lived anywhere more than three years.  After I graduated high school and before I met my husband, Jim, I moved around the same geographical area, but into different apartments or houses eight times in ten years. My older son from my first marriage moved three times. So when I married Jim and had to move to NY that was no big deal. 

Since being married, we have moved six times in 23years, so things slowed down a bit for us.  The shortest we ever lived anywhere was one year, the longest (before our current location) was four and a half years.  We have been where we are now for seven years and nine months.  My oldest son has moved here and my two grandchildren are here.  My youngest son is in the Army, so he is moving around some, but we are still his home base.

So, when my husband’s job was eliminated in the spring I knew there was a very good possibility we could be moving.  I actually took a giant step back from my friends, not wanting to grow any closer with them because I know the pain of leaving.  Actually, I usually guard myself from becoming too attached to people because you never know when you’re going to have to move, but I figured after about five years here, it was okay to get in tight with some peeps – grin.  Then, my husband was asked to consider a job opportunity, in another state.  He turned it down at first, but it was offered again a few months later and it seems like the right thing to do, so (after prayerful consideration & consulting me) he accepted the position.  After almost eight years, we are moving.

It was not an easy decision.  We have put down roots here, we are both pretty involved in various organizations – my grandchildren are here!  That is something I have never had to consider before.  Our military son was a little surprised, but he’s okay with it.  He’s not around much and most of his friends have also moved away.  My older son understands, “ya gotta do what ya gotta do.”  We will be within 3.5hours drive.  Did I mention my grandchildren live here?! 

Of course, we now have many dates for dinner “before you move”, people say the obligatory “we’ll miss you” and the organizations we are involved in are scrambling to find replacements.  Of course no one is irreplaceable and others will do just as good a job, if not better, than we did.  Every organization needs new blood every now and then to see things in a different light, bring in new ideas, and keep the juices flowing – grin.  We will stay in touch with friends via the internet (nobody writes letters anymore).  Oh and did I tell you my grandchildren live here?

We will miss the people we have grown close to in our almost eight years here.  We will miss my older son & his family.  The younger son will travel with us (so to speak).  Ah, the grandchildren.  That is the new twist to this moving thing.  Have you figured that out? Grin.  Jim asked me a couple times, “Are you really okay with this?”  I have given him my best answer- “I think so.”  I really don’t know, I’ve never been in this situation so I have no idea how I will react when we actually move. I will not force him to turn down this opportunity because I’m not sure if I want to move or not.  I’m sure I will do fine.  I am an Army brat & an Army Strong Mom, after all.  It may take some getting used to, and I am quickly remembering what a pain moving is (having had a realtor over today), but I’m good with the decision, even though my grandchildren live here.  I will not be the first grandmother who doesn’t live close to her grandchildren. In fact, my children did not live close to their grandmothers, since we moved so often.

So we look forward, with great anticipation to a new opportunity.  And I tell Jim, again, how lucky he is that he married me (who will gladly follow him anywhere – grin).

Of course, I can write and post my blog anywhere, so keep watching for my Friday BLOGS – you never know what topic may come up – grin.

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