To “friend” or not to “friend”? That is today’s question.

To “friend” or not to “friend”? That is today’s question.

To “friend” or not to “friend”?  That is today’s question.

In this day of “social media”, I believe it is important to be careful who you are “friends” with.  Unfortunately, it’s even important to be careful who your friends are friends with!

I may be mistaken (it wouldn’t be the first time – grin) but I believe that something I put on my page is seen in my friends newsfeed, which means anyone who goes to their page can see it – but I think it also may just show up on that friends friend’s newsfeed (if that is making any sense).  For example, someone you are intentionally not friends with is friends with a friend of yours.  Even though you are not friends with the first person, they can still see what you post – from the mutual friend’s page.  I have even seen posts on my newsfeed between a friend of mine and a total stranger – Hmmm.

Yes, I am “friends” with people who have over 1,000 friends, and if I think about this, it can really bother me.  My friend may be a family member or true friend who lives halfway across the country, so this social media is a great way to keep in touch & share family pictures & videos.  It is a little unnerving to know that they have so many friends, that I know they don’t really “know”.  Friends of friends twenty times removed.  I mean really – for those of you who have over 500 “friends” – do you really KNOW all these people?  Sigh.  Are pictures of my grandchildren being shared with over 1,000 people I don’t know?

Okay, one obvious answer is “don’t post pictures of your grandchildren”.  Point well taken.  I don’t post too many (although my “friends” might say otherwise – haha), but I do post so that relatives in other states can see them.  I believe I have taken every precaution I am aware of, as far as privacy on social media.  I keep everything, on my personal page, to “friends only”.  So, hopefully that takes care of most of my privacy issues.  How about those people who have thousands of friends?  Even if they keep their privacy at “friends only” they have friends they don’t even know.  Oh, it just makes me crazy to see “do I know you?” or “how do I know you?” as a reply to someone’s friend request.  But ya know what?  They accept it anyway!  UGH!

So, the point of this is to say “Don’t friend people you don’t know!” on social medias!!!!

Having said that, if you would like to “friend” me on my business Facebook page, see Pam Horton NewDirection, and you can “like”, “join”, or “fan” (whatever they are calling it these days) the business Facebook page on NewDirection Life Coaching.  I do keep my  family and personal friends personal – grin.

See ya on the “net”.

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