To Decorate or Not (and to what extent)?

To Decorate or Not (and to what extent)?

Have you put out your decorations yet?  No matter which holiday you celebrate there are decorations involved. We celebrate Christmas.  The decorating possibilities are endless!

  • Will you put up a tree?  Live or fake? More than one?
  • Will you put up outside lights? Where?  On the roof, on the trees? Blinking or not?
  • What about inflatables?
  • Outside wreaths?
  • Maybe you’d like those twirling designs that shine on the side of your house?
  • Will your decorations play music loud enough for everyone to hear?
  • Other decorations… light up deer, wooden sleds or festive signs?
  • Do you put lots of decorations around in your house?
  • Have you considered not putting up any decorations at all?

I have been hearing lots of talk on various topics of decorating. 

Some folks complain because their neighbors decorate too much and it’s so bright, or so loud that it’s effecting their sleep.

Others are saying they feel pressured to step up their game, because the surrounding neighbor’s decoration are so much better than theirs.  Interesting thing, though, they don’t want to put out more decorations.

Years ago, when the boys were around, we attended a church with families who put up multiple trees in their house.  Some even had a tree in every room!  Many had two or three trees up.  I tried putting two trees for a couple of years (I caved to peer pressure), but I really never saw the point and it was a lot of work, so have given up the practice. 

Jim and I don’t have anyone with us for Christmas, so we don’t put up lots of decorations.  Our youngest son comes to visit early in December, and we decorate our fake tree, with his kids.  It’s become a tradition, although as the children transition into teenagers, I don’t know how big a deal it will be for them.  I’ll cherish it while it happens.  We put up a couple outside wreaths and electric candles in the front window.  That’s about it, and I’m okay with that.

For what it’s worth, here’s my two cents…

Decorate for your joy. There is no need to stress yourself out trying to keep up with your neighbors.  I would suggest that you be considerate of others with the brightness and noise.  Otherwise, you do your own thing and let everyone else do their thing.  This is the season of peace, love, joy, and giving.  Enjoy it!