This April is Passion Month

This April is Passion Month

This month not only holds the Passion of Christ, but all the things I am passionate about.

It seems like every month highlights at least a dozen different causes.

I have three things I am passionate about.

  • Military Families
  • Autism Early Education
  • Encouraging others

The month of April has (among others)…

  • Autism Awareness
  • Month of the Military Child
  • Child Abuse Prevention

The month of April also has National Tartan Day, on the 6th, for those of us with Scottish ancestry.  I do genealogy research, so this is great news for my family, as I have Scottish roots from both my mother and father.

On this good Friday, we remember the Passion of Christ and celebrate Easter on Sunday.  It’s one of my favorite holidays (and not because of the bunny).

Of course, June is PTSD Awareness and November is Military Family Appreciation month, but April holds most of my passions in the same month, so you will probably see lots of things on my social media pages this month about Autism and Military brats (once a brat always a brat – HOOAH!).  Although, that’s probably not any different than any other month, right? 

I believe it is good to support a cause you are passionate about.  It helps us get out of our own little world to help and encourage others.

How about you?  What causes do you support?  What are you passionate about? What action steps will you take to share information about the things you are passionate about and further their cause?

You can “look inside” the book I wrote about our, now 11yr old, non-verbal grandson, Here

AND… the book his, then 6yr old, sister wrote about her life with an autistic sibling, Here

One more option, if you’re interested, is a compilation of blogs that include military topics, Here