The world is a scary place

The world is a scary place

Here’s today’s headlines on AOL…
– How Mogul’s Girlfriend Died in Mansion
– Celebrities’ Lives at the Airport
– The Right Way to Flavor Meat
– Team’s First-Ever Play Stuns Crowd
– Which Fruit Is Packed With Fiber?
– The Worst US City to Get Stopped In
– An NFL Superstar Sleeps Here
– Relax in St. Thomas for Only $649
– Bombers Beat Back Sox, Take Series
– Texas Teen Vanishes Without a Trace
– This Dog Is Lucky to Be Alive
– 9/11 Coloring Book Ignites Outrage
– Dad Changes Story of Son Overboard
– Taxpayers Foot Principal’s $17K Bill
This is more headlines than usual, I think typically they run around eight.   So it must be a newsworthy day? Maybe it’s because we have a long weekend coming up.  Oh yeah, Monday is Labor Day.  I was going to write my BLOG about jobs which would actually coincide with Labor Day quite well, but the headlines today just struck me as the world gone astray, so that is the topic for today.  I will probably BLOG about Labor Day and jobs next Friday – grin.

Okay, so back on topic.  This is the order the headlines scrolled across this morning.  Do you know how many of the articles I clicked on to read?  None.  Nope, not one.  I probably should have read the one about fiber, the one about St Thomas looked intriguing, but it’s not in my future right now, and I was certain glad to see the Yankees beat the Red Sox, but the rest of them – not interested.

Three headlines were just cruel and/or gruesome,   two were about celebrities and their quirkiness, two were sports related, two were food related.  I don’t know,it just seems to be the same ol’, same ol’.  The one that sparked the BLOG was the one about the teen vanishing in Texas.   I didn’t need to read it, they showed her picture, but how terrifying this is (or should be) for any parent.  It seems that every week there is a headline about someone coming up missing.  Stories of mothers missing dominated a few weeks back, then there was another young woman from Aruba, and kids – there are way too many kids missing these days.  There is the occasional “happy ending” where the child is found alive, but more often than not, the child is found dead.  WHY?!

Our area watched, with horror and heartbreak, as a local girl (who I knew personally), Morgan Harrington, came up missing from a concert almost two years ago.  Unfortunately, she was found dead.  She was 20.  Many of the children abducted are younger than that, some not even in double digits.  What has happened to our society that children have become a target of such violence? 

Often times they are killed by someone they know, and should trust – sometimes even a parent.  A parent?!  Other times a relative or friend of the family.  Sometimes they are picked up by a total stranger.

My oldest son was a beautiful baby (my younger sontoo of course – grin).  Strangers would stop me in the store to comment on how beautiful he was.  I was scared to death to let him out of my sight.  The poor boy was six before I let him ride his bike around the corner, out of my vision.  My grandchildren are beautiful, people tell me that all the time.  They are young, three and two.  We do NOT let them out of our sight, in public.  In this day and age, you just can’t!  I think the buddy system is a must, all through high school, at least, maybe even through college.  There are many stories of abuse and murder in college.  Women – a buddy system is essential, even as an adult and especially at night.  The world is a scary place these days and it just is not wise to put yourself at risk by going out at night, alone.

Here is a wonderful link…  The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children … take the time to read it.  It could save your child’s life.

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