The view matters

The view matters

We all know that the storms of life come and go.  They may blow through quickly, like a tornado, or stay for a while, like a hurricane.  You may be lucky enough to have just a light shower now and then.  You may be currently in a lull, that probably means you just came out of a storm, or you’re about to go into one.  It is a fact though; a storm will come at some point in your life.

How do you handle being in the midst of a storm?  Did you realize that our perspective/outlook/view matters? 

If we are standing in the storm looking down at the mud, do we see any sign of the storm ending?  Do we sense any hope to grasp on to, to help us stand strong in the storm and come out of it relatively unscathed?  Probably not.  I think constantly looking at mud would make me sad.

Another option is to look up at the sky, anticipate the coming rainbow that signals the end of a storm.  The rainbow is a sign of hope.  We understand that storms will come, but the darkness only lasts for a while, and then we will be under the rainbow and out in the sun.  There is hope for the future.

I heard a couple of different comments recently that made me thankful for my view on life…

  • A person commented that their default emotion is shame.  Interesting.  I have never heard anyone (besides me) use the term “default emotion.”  I often tell people, “My default emotion is humor, I would much rather laugh than cry.”
  • A woman told me I needed to go online and buy some rose-colored glasses to go with my personality.  I laughed and told her I had recently posted a picture with the quote “Can’t see the haters when I’m wearin’ my love glasses.”  The picture is a little girl with heart shaped sunglasses on.  She said, “Yup, sounds like you.”

People often tell me they are glad to see me because I bring a positive attitude into the room.  You know what?  I choose it.  I choose to look at the positive side of a situation.  If you look hard enough, you can find a blessing in anything.  You can choose to look at the mud or the rainbow.

So, where are you looking and what do you see?  Perhaps it’s time to change the view.