The Trees Can Co-exist

The Trees Can Co-exist

The Trees Can Co-exist

So we were driving back from Ft. Benning, Georgia  – long trip, 9 hours in the car.  Thankfully, it was a beautiful day.  The sky was clear and blue.  The sun was shining.  The trees, except through northern North Carolina, were still green.

As we drove miles and miles of tree lined highway, I couldn’t help but look out the window and look at the trees, often.  The more I looked at them, the more I truly saw them.  Did you know all kinds of trees co-exist together?!  (Smile)

Okay, I am not a botany expert, so I can’t go into the proper name of each tree.  For my purpose we’ll go with evergreen, leaf tree, and ivy.   Here’s a little of what I observed…

Evergreens and leaf trees, of various types, grew right next to each other, and I mean RIGHT next to each other.  Sometimes they were so close the trunks would be touching and the branches would be intertwined.  I saw many trees, just intermingling with each other.  I did see one particularly pushy leaf tree.  It had pushed itself right up the middle of an evergreen tree.  But the evergreen didn’t seem to mind, it continued on its growth path with the pushy leaf tree sticking out like a sore thumb.  Then there was this one evergreen that was nearly gone because an ivy had so boldly overtaken it, but I still could see one branch of the evergreen peeking out, standing strong letting the world know it may be almost completely overwhelmed by the ivy, but it was still in there, alive and well.

As I observed the trees, for hours on end, my mind started to wander (go figure – haha) and I got thinking about how easy it was for the trees to co-exist.  I didn’t see one dead tree, no tree had choked another one out.   Then I wondered why people can’t be like the trees.  Okay, yes, the obvious answer is that trees don’t talk or think.  Can’t you see the similarities, though?  Most of the trees are intermingling without a problem.  Some trees have pushy neighbors (coworkers/relatives/etc) but they manage to still live through it.  The more we traveled, the more ivy I saw, covering everything – trees, fences, light poles.  The ivy wants to take over everything.  I know people like that, but there is still a person beneath them fighting for their existence.  And yet, the trees manage to all be alive and still thrive.

Okay, this may be a little out there.  It was a long weekend, I sat in a car for many hours and was functioning on little sleep.  So, if this sounds a little strange, I know you’ll understand, I’m just sayin’.


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