The Stench of Beauty

The Stench of Beauty

The Stench of Beauty

There’s an interesting topic, don’t you think? I could be talking about looks and beauty products. Women know the things they put themselves through to look beautiful in the eyes of society. (Hmmm, that could be a whole ‘nother blog.) For this week’s purposes, I’m talking about lawns and lives. We recently had landcare company come to aerate and compost our lawn as well as lay sod in the back yard. I did not make the connection between compost and manure. It smells like a farm out there! However, they assured me, and neighbors have also stated, that the lawn will be absolutely beautiful soon.

Of course, we are now in “watering mode” because there is no rain predicted in the near future. So, we are putting up with a bit of odor and putting in some work in anticipation of a nice looking yard.

It’s much the same with flower gardens, or vegetables, isn’t it? My parents live next door to, what used to be, a horse farm. My dad and another fella would offer to shovel away some of the manure, which can pile up when you have huge draft horses. They would put it straight onto their vegetable gardens. Whew, what a stench, but the vegetables they would harvest were, indeed a thing of beauty.

This got me thinking about people and the fact that we (as a group in general) like things that come easy. Many times we don’t want to put in the effort, or put up with the stench. This hinders our end result. Then, what do we do? Yup, complain. Does it help? Probably not.

If we turn up our noses at the first whiff of manure and give up, what have we gained? How will we ever know what might have happened if we had seen the plan through the “manure? “

Perhaps, when faced with what seems like compost, in our lives, if we could only manage to persevere, we might harvest beautiful vegetables, a lovely lawn, or a beautiful life.

Instead of thinking of the “stench” part, let’s concentrate on the “beauty” part, and breathe it in.

*Pam Horton is a Board Certified Advanced Christian Life Coach, in the Raleigh area.*


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