The responsibility of ownership

The responsibility of ownership

Unfortunately, we currently own two homes. Makes us sound like snobs? Actually, more like slobs – poor slobs having to maintain two homes. Sigh.

I was recently at our house that is for sale and man does it need some yard work done. The deer (or at least I think its deer) have figured out that no one is there anymore. We have two apples trees that have a metal fence around them to keep the deer from stripping the trees. The fences are literally mangled together from under & above – and the trees are bare, no leaves. They’ve gotten to four other trees as well. No clue if the trees will survive the attacks on their foliage. I spent some time taking down dead plant debris so the new growth can come up. Leaves need raking, and pretty soon we’ll need to start mowing. So, we have two options. Pay somebody to do the work, or plan to travel up and do it ourselves, thereby taking away time we would be spending with the grandkids on a visit up there. Of course, another option is to do nothing and let the outside of the house go wild – which I don’t really consider an option. We are trying to sell it and it wouldn’t present well, but even so – some of you have probably lived near people who don’t take care of their yards. That’s no fun is it? You never know when a critter may come from their yard to yours, their weed seeds are probably germinating in your yard and ruining it, and it lowers your property value to have a crazy yard next door.

We have a yard at this house that needs to be maintained too. I just spent an hour outside picking up pine cones. I ended up using a long sticked garden fork – those little buggers are SHARP! I love being outside in nice weather. I would much rather be busy than just “laying out.” It makes the time go faster. Even better… I’d rather be playing tennis instead of picking up pine cones. BUT – it has to be done. Weeding, mowing, picking up sticks and pinecones, etc. As a responsible home owner – it has to be done.

The same goes for inside the house. Whether you own it or rent it, it has to be maintained. If you rent it and there is a problem you need to call the owner. If you own it and there is a problem, you need to fix it – it won’t go away by itself, and will most likely get worse. You devalue your home by ignoring home maintenance. Keeping your house clean is part of it, too. There are a few people who enjoy cleaning. I’m not one of them. When my kids lived here, they had chores. We all had our chores. I can remember one of my boys saying “I don’t want to clean the bathroom” and (ok, I was not in a good mood) I started hoping up and down with my arm up in the air saying , “Oo! Oo! Me, pick me I want to clean the bathroom!” I think he got the point. Nobody wants to clean the bathroom, but it has to get done.

The more I think about it, this applies to a lot of things – your clothes, your car, your pets, your kids! I’m sure I don’t have to go into examples for each of these, you understand what I’m trying to say – right?

Long story short – Take responsibility for your things!

Okay, who wants to come over and rake up pine needles with me? Grin.

Have a great weekend!

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