The Assignment

The Assignment

The Assignment

Our church is going through “52 Days With Nehemiah” from October 28 to December 18th. We have a list of 52 things are asked to do one thing each day. I have been seeing many people posting things they are thankful for on FaceBook, with the intention of posting one a day for the entire month. I suppose my “Thankful Blog” should be the week of Thanksgiving, but I have been thinking about this assignment quite a bit and am ready to do it (and check it off the list – grin).

“Pick a day to say “thank you” to God for every good gift you have received from Him, see if you can get to 50!”

I think the real trick will be to STOP at 50! Why don’t you give it a try, I bet you can get more than 50. Feel free to comment on the blog with your Top 50 list, or drop me an email at”> I KNOW you have many things to be thankful for.

Mine are listed in no particular order. I thank God for…

1. My youngest son
(Who has just returned safely from a 10month deployment to Afghanistan)

2. My oldest son & his fiance’
(Who has taken on the world of responsibility with gusto)

3. My husband (remember these are in no particular order – grin)
(Who is my best friend)

4. My Pastor (Mike Grooms)
(For teaching me it’s not about religion, it’s about a relationship – and for that I am ever grateful)

5. Jon Grooms
(Who prayed for me during Mission Roanoke like I have never been prayed for before – to my knowledge, it was very humbling)

6. The Holy Trinity
(Father God, His son Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit who lives in me)

7. That my parents are still alive
(I know many who have lost their parents, I am blessed to still have mine to talk to anytime I want)

8. My neighbors
(They ROCK!)

9. My “Active Dreamers” group
(Love you Ladies)

10. Friendships
(That stand even though we are not in the same state anymore)

11. My brother & his family
(They all have a great sense of humor)

12. My sweet & sassy 3-yr old granddaughter.

13. That said granddaughter was NOT seriously injured when kicked by a horse.
(My mother claims it was a miracle that the hoof missed her head – Thank the Lord)

14. My sweet autistic 2-yr old grandson
(The wheels are turning and I have every confidence he will accomplish great things)

15. Close friends that really know me
(Thanks for understanding – grin)

16. My in-laws
(I couldn’t ask to be part of a better family, even though I make in-law jokes I love each & every one of you)

17. FaceBook – yes, I said it, and I mean it.
(I am in touch with many people on facebook!)

18. My military friends
(We just GET it)

19. My husband is employed
(Whew – teehee)

20. I have a place to live

21. I am able to use my gift of encouragement to lift others up

22. I have enough to eat

23. I’m “transparent”
(which I used to think was a bad thing, but have since learned it’s a good thing – go figure – grin)

24. I am fairly healthy
(I have issues, but as we get older most of us will, but I will NOT let it keep me from living my life – until I can’t anymore)

25. I can use my imagination
(I am working on book # 2 – grin)

26. I am able to use my organizational skills to help others

27. I have time to volunteer

28. My computer and it’s memory.

29. I had the chance to get an education

30. I live in the United States of America

31. I lived in many different places
(I am an Army brat and proud of my dad for serving 20yrs in the Army)

32. My mom was able to stay home with us
(Although that meant I didn’t get away with much – grin)

(You KNOW I love me some sunshine!)

34. My dentist
(Yeah, I had a temporary crown put on yesterday, yuck, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be – grin)

35. My running group
(Wow, are they some tough accountability partners)

36. Tennis
(My favorite sport)

37. My vision
(I remember a few years back driving along during peak season and thanking God for the beautiful colors, then I started crying as I took it one step further and realized that not everyone could see the vibrant reds & yellows and then I thanked Him for the gift of sight)

38. My car
(Smiley face yellow – yup I love my car)

39. Flowers
(My granddaughter loves to pick flowers)

40. Balls
(My grandson loves balls)

41. That I am now pet-free
(We had pets for many years, they have all passed on at this point and I don’t have to change litter, or poop-scoop)

42. Technology
(This world has advanced leaps and bounds, although I’m not sure all of it is for the best)

43. The United States Military
(God Bless our veterans, our troops, those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, and their families)

44. My church family
(Who have prayed for my son this past year – thank you)

45. My DAR chapter
(Who helped support my son’s squad during their deployment)

46. We are able to donate
(Time, things, funds)

47. Missionaries
(Those who go when we are not able)

48. People who document everything
(I do genealogy research & documentation has helped me trace back 39 generations)

49. Emerging adults
(My favorite age group, 16-30)

50. YOU
(Those of you who read my blog – grin)

HA! I thought of 50, can you? I know you can.

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