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What people are saying about Pam…

Pam’s compassion for others and straight talking make her the perfect Life Coach. Highly recommend you speak with her soon! ~G.F.

Pam, I love your coaching every day. No matter who is listening, you bless my heart and I often need to hear your words. I know I rarely comment, but I love you, sister!! ~Diane P.

You are amazing I thank God you are in our lives!!! ~Lori.W

Pam… You are always amazing and I love the positive energy you spread… Thanks! ~Tina M.

Ok I just have got to say YOU are the coolest, most insightful, downright funny lady that I have never met! But oh the joy in the day that it happens! Bought your book too gal, I sooo am having trouble waiting patiently for it! ~Alyssa B.

Beth wrote: “Our fun and wonderful one-and-only Pam Horton has penned a book that’s worthy of being read! It would be a big help if everyone would click through to Amazon and “Like” her new book on the Amazon page…maybe even go ahead and order a few copies while you’re over there…WAY TO GO, PAM!”

Hey sweet lady. Can I ask you a question? Hope you don’t mind me asking it’s just that you seem to really know your stuff! Thanks xoxo ~Mona T.

Good Morning Mrs. Pam. How are you today? just wated to take some time out to let you know how grateful that I am to have found a friend so caring and understanding. Even though we have not met in person, I feel as though God has connected us. You have been so understanding and wonderful. I pray that a lot more people will catch on to this wonderful spirit that you carry in your heart. People like you make work a better life for others. I thank God that He sent me your way. Keep up the good work and live life to the fullest because tomorrow is not promised to us.A friend for life. ~Abby KM.

LGJ & SYT have asked…
“How do you do it? Stay so positive?”
Pam: “Practice” – grin
Wow, you really are experienced with the teen thing.”
Beth S.

Pam is an excellent organizer who is always eager to assist anyone at anytime in any way that she can. She demonstrates patient understanding and loyalty to each person with whom she interacts. I have observed her working with young people especially. Pam always guides them in a positive manner that shows respect for their thoughts and ideas. I would recommend her for anything that she wanted to accomplish because I know she would succeed. ~Mabel S.

When I was a sophomore in high school I had a desire to establish a club for students with special needs. I had my parents to help, but I needed someone within the school system to help me get things started. My sister has special needs and though she did not need an aide, Pam Horton would keep an eye on her. I then decided to ask Mrs. Horton whether or not she would help me start the club. She agreed and we quickly began working. My junior year in high school was the first year Botetourt Buddies began. Pam Horton organized all of the field trips and activities we participated in. She helped me organize dates and events and I could have never succeeded with my dream without her. ~Vanessa R.

Pam, I needed to express to you how much I have appreciated your hard work and how much you give to these kids. Not many people go above and beyond to help others so you should be proud of your accomplishments here … Best of luck with your life coaching. I’m sure you will be great at it. ~Mr. B.

Pam was instrumental in helping my special needs child grow during her high school years. Pam always had a smile for our Stephanie, and was always there to help her as she learned ‘life skills’ to be a productive citizen. As a result of Pam’s efforts, Stephanie is employed at one of our local grocery stores where she works part time and contributes to her family and community while building her self esteem. I highly recommend Pam for this opportunity she is seeking. ~ Phil R.

I had the privilege of working with Pam Horton for four years. During that time, we worked together on several projects and I found her to be very organized, and accomplished. Her work standards are high and she has a remarkable ability to relate with young adults. I’m sure that any undertaking that she takes will be a success. ~Rebecca B.

Pam, You are always so thoughtful and kind and encouraging. I’m glad I looked back over my emails this morning, this one is really special!!!!!!!! Thanks for the kind and encouraging words… You will make a great “Life Coach”!!!!!!

God bless, Pastor Mike

You are always so encouraging!! I appreciate you so much. Debbie Lyons

Peggy K – Your positivity post are wonderful, you always seem to post about things I stress over! Thank You!

Sandra K recommends Pam Horton -· “She is genuine and inspiring. Thank you for sharing your positivity! ”

Charles G – Thanks for the generous and kindness that you show up in the world with. You’re a very special person!

Jim worked with our pastoral staff for seven weeks (1 hour/week) using the “21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership” by John Maxwell. The book was only a tool, though. Jim took key points from the book to help us assess where we were as a team and as individuals. Jim skillfully challenged our seasoned team that has over 100 years combined leadership tenure. The seven weeks spent with Jim were like looking into a freshly cleaned mirror. We were able to reflect clearly and look deeply at our position as leaders. Jim performed as a business coach with grace, patience, sensitivity and tact. If you as an individual or a leadership team want to move to the next level of leadership and growth, I highly recommend Jim Horton, Jr. Mark E. Ellis

I wish Jim great success in his new role as a Master Life Coach. Jim has the skills and experience to effectively coach and advise executives and high performance associates to achieve their tactical and strategic goals and objectives. Mary Beth Garcia

Jim is an incredible leader. He is determined to ensure each person has what they need to succeed. His drive to provide continual learning and professional development to individuals is strong. His quiet confidence and great facilitation skills allows learners to participate and engage in their learning without fear of rebuke. Jim always received rave reviews for his facilitation of leadership workshops. Many organization leaders sought his counsel on leadership development ideas. Jim is passionate about continual learning. He is the most well read person I have ever met. I know any organization or individual that decides to partner with Jim will be thrilled with the results. Nancy Dickerson

Under Jim’s supervision, I grew both personally and professionally. Susan Hess

I learned a great deal from Jim about fundamental aspects of leadership, including time management and professional development. He encouraged me to take advantage of learning opportunities and demonstrated consistent respect and courtesy for each and every colleague. He’s a consummate professional and true leader. Sarah Singleton

Jim is a down to earth guy who can communicate at any level effectively. From a board room, to a vendor meeting. Jim leaves no cracks for mis-communications. He is simply on top of his game, and on top of the field. Buddy Bresnick