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NewDirections helping Young Adults Okay, time to get real.  Seriously, do you think life stinks, that you’re stuck where you are, wish things were different? Are you stressed out, unhappy, maybe even depressed?

If you are ready to change your future, then MAKE THE DECISION TO CHANGE!

There are many areas of life that you could want to change, or just one particular thing, but nothing will change if you don’t take action.  The decision to change is the first step to a better future.

I was a troubled teen and a frustrated young adult. I realized my life was not what I had intended it to be. I got to the point where I didn’t like the person I had become. I had to change, and I did.

The past is gone, you can’t change it, but you can change your now & your future.

Excerpt of my article from YouthWorker.com

Nobody’s Gonna Tell ME What to Do

By Pam Horton | Certified Life Coach, Specializing in Teens/Young Adults and Organizational Skills. | August 2009

Ah yes, I remember thinking that as a teenager. Has anyone ever figured out where this mindset originates? Is it in the genes? Are we born with it? Is it a curse from our grandmothers? Is it a learned attitude? Is it rooted in our environment?

I have no idea where I got that attitude, but it was ingrained into my personality deeply by the age of 10. While this is thought to be (by the thinker) a very independent, grown-up attitude, I believe it to be a sign of immaturity.
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