Tag: Work Life Balance

Are You Too Busy?

I like to be busy, but I must admit… there are times I find myself exhausted by the end of the day.  Why?  If I’m honest with myself, I can allow myself to become over-committed. Over-committed?  In a time when people have lost their sense of commitment?  Can someone be over-committed?  Absolutely!  Just ask a…
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Do you bring cranky home?

Are you energized and excited about going to work each day or is your job just a means to an end, something you have to do to pay the bills?  What a bummer it must be to get up and go to a job you hate, with people who annoy you, with a negative attitude…
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Finding Balance

I was, once again, offered a full-time position in special education. I chuckled (because they know I don’t want a full-time job) and told the person, “You know I can’t play pickleball if I work full time.” A discussion about how fun pickleball is followed. I then asked, “Do you play?” Which was followed by…
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