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Happy Birthday USO

Yesterday was the 75th birthday of the United Service Organization (USO). It just so happened to be my regular volunteer shift at the Raleigh-Durham Airport Center, so I got to partake of the cake while I assisted the guests that passed through. Some of you may never have heard of the USO. Many of you […]

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It just feels good… to help others

If you’ve ever helped out someone else, you know what I’m talking about. It just feels good to help others. That sense of relief and happiness literally exudes from the other person and envelopes us too. And we smile just as big as the person we assisted. Have you ever considered the saying, “What goes […]

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NC Womens Veterans Summit 2014

Yesterday, I was at the North Carolina Women Veterans Summit in Raleigh, as a volunteer with the USO-NC/RDU. It was amazing to see the large number of women, from all eras, in attendance. I know we have women in today’s military, but there were many from the Vietnam War and prior years. Good for them. […]

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The Power of NO

I have written about the need to say “No” before, but have recently been asked to revisit the topic. Let me start with a story…. I was in the hallway of a past work place asking a co-worker if they could help with an evening event. They hemmed and hawed and eventually gave some explanation […]

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Meeting new people

It’s funny.  I was having a conversation with someone about our joy in meeting new people while volunteering for events at the USO-NC/RDU, when someone said, “I know so many empty nesters who complain how hard it is to meet new people once they don’t have to attend their children’s events.”  That was an eye-opener […]

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I’m seeing a lot about the USO lately

I’m surprised at the number of people who have never heard of the USO!  I guess being an Army BRAT I was always familiar with it.  In case you don’t know, the United Service Organization exists to support our military and their families.  Here is the “official” link, Lately, here in NC, the USO […]

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