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Fireworks Tips for Veterans with Combat Related PTSD

I am seeing a lot of posts about “being aware of veterans around you during the 4th of July.” I agree that if you are aware of a veteran with PTSD in your vicinity, you should NOT aggravate them by shooting off illegal fireworks. Well, you shouldn’t be using illegal fireworks anyway! However, the reality…
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Inconsiderate or lack of knowledge?

It amazes me how many kids don’t grab the door on their way through it. You know, when you walk through the door, the person in front of you is holding it open, then you take it as you walk through, then the next person behind you holds it as they go through, etc. Everyone…
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NC Womens Veterans Summit 2014

Yesterday, I was at the North Carolina Women Veterans Summit in Raleigh, as a volunteer with the USO-NC/RDU. It was amazing to see the large number of women, from all eras, in attendance. I know we have women in today’s military, but there were many from the Vietnam War and prior years. Good for them.…
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Reflections of Thankfulness

My typical Thanksgiving Day has always been crazy busy with cooking and socializing.  So much so that I probably never took the time I should have to truly reflect on the reason for the day.  Thanksgiving is a day to stop our busy lives and reflect on all the blessings we have and be truly…
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It’s almost Veteran’s Day

Nationally, we set aside November 11th to honor veterans every year. What IS a veteran? The dictionary states: A veteran is a person who has had long service or experience in a particular occupation or field. Typically, when we think of a veteran, we think of a military veteran.  So what is a military veteran? FEDERAL…
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Transitioning from Military to Civilian

“Mr. Horton” It is with great pride, relief, and a little sadness, that I report, as of today, our youngest son is now a civilian. I grew up in the Army.  I was born into it and was a senior in high school when my dad retired.  The last three years, while our son has…
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