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The grass is always greener…

This is a picture (as taken) of my parent’s property, in Vermont. Jim and I both remarked, “Look how green everything is!” Then we discussed how much rain they have had this spring. They’ve had so much rain, and cool temperatures, this past May/June that they seldom had the opportunity to mow the grass. To […]

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Choosing the positive

Jim & I were visiting my parents, in Florida, last week. It was mostly sunny upper 70’s / low 80’s. I was loving it! The day we left we returned to Fuquay with mostly cloudy skies and temperatures in the 50’s. I have a weather app on my computer that lets me instantly see the […]

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A Vacation of Rain

The title does not mean the absence of rain.  This is about our vacation with the weather of rain, sigh.  I will admit there were two days that weren’t total wash outs.  One of those days we took a lake cruise on Lake Memphremagog, which was quite nice and even had a couple minutes of […]

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