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Happy Birthday USO

Yesterday was the 75th birthday of the United Service Organization (USO). It just so happened to be my regular volunteer shift at the Raleigh-Durham Airport Center, so I got to partake of the cake while I assisted the guests that passed through. Some of you may never have heard of the USO. Many of you […]

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Only those who have lived it really understand the realities of war

I have just returned from a volunteer shift at the USO of NC at RDU, and am sitting down to ponder what to write about this week. I have spent the last few weeks helping to plan an upcoming Understanding PTSD Symposium at our church, hosted by our Military Family Support Group. Yesterday, someone asked […]

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NC Womens Veterans Summit 2014

Yesterday, I was at the North Carolina Women Veterans Summit in Raleigh, as a volunteer with the USO-NC/RDU. It was amazing to see the large number of women, from all eras, in attendance. I know we have women in today’s military, but there were many from the Vietnam War and prior years. Good for them. […]

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It’s almost Veteran’s Day

Nationally, we set aside November 11th to honor veterans every year. What IS a veteran? The dictionary states: A veteran is a person who has had long service or experience in a particular occupation or field. Typically, when we think of a veteran, we think of a military veteran.  So what is a military veteran? FEDERAL […]

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What to do with leftover candy.

It’s November 1st.  For many of us (especially the children) it’s stomach ache day. I remember sorting through our kids’ candy when they came home from trick-or-treating, to pull out anything that was open, or we considered unsafe.  I also remember going through it, after they were asleep, to pull out the candy we wanted […]

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Viet Nam Veteran’s Welcome Home

Back in March, my husband and I had the privilege to be volunteers, with the USO NC, at the Viet Nam Veteran’s Welcome Home Ceremony in Charlotte, NC.  Many of you know that I am an Army BRAT, and an Army mom, so my family is quite respectful of our military and their families, and […]

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