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Perhaps the glass is ALL FULL!

At a recent B-C-P Toastmasters meeting, a member was asked if they see the glass half empty or half full. His answer was so terrific that I remember it vividly. He told us about a friend of his who believed the glass was neither half empty nor half full, but ALL full. How cool is […]

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Ulterior Motives

A couple of months ago I met a young man and his dad. I had been introduced to the dad, as we had some similar interests that we could discuss. A couple of weeks ago, I saw the young man and struck up a brief conversation with him. At the end of the conversation he […]

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How comfortable are you with public speaking?

I’ve heard it said that most people would rather face death than speak in front of a group. I wouldn’t necessarily go that far, but… public speaking is not my favorite thing. Many years ago, I was in a teen pageant. I made it to the finals because of my speech. I had given the […]

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YouTube music videos can make you smile

Music soothes the savage beast. Have you ever just had a song pop into your head?  I’m sure many of you have.  Does it come out of nowhere, or is it the result of something someone said or something you saw? For me, it’s both.  Usually, it comes from something I’ve read on Facebook.  It […]

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Sharing is caring

I’m sure many of you have heard the phrase, “sharing is caring.”  My granddaughter introduced me to that phrase when she was about three.  Of course, she usually said it when taking something away from her younger brother.  It seemed appropriate to her at the time – chuckle.    As she has gotten older (all of […]

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It’s Friday!

Oh, my goodness!  How is it Friday already?  This week has just flown by! On the national front we have had the bombing in Boston, the explosion in Texas, the failure of the gun control legislation, the shooting at MIT, to name the big attention getters. On the personal front, well let’s just say I’ve […]

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Oh, the Possibilities

I have joined a Toastmasters group and the theme of tonight’s meeting is “Possibilities.”  What a great topic for my chosen field of work, life coaching  (shameless plug – grin)! I absolutely love the fact that every day is a new day.  When we wake up in the morning most of us have the option […]

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