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The power of time

Time dictates everything we do.  Even before there were clocks, the events of the day were dictated by the season (an aspect of time) and the amount of available light (also an aspect of time).  The concept of 24 hours in a day and 60 minutes in an hour came about in Ancient Egypt and…
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A Child’s Tomorrow

A friend’s recent Facebook status quote by her young son, “I was a good boy tomorrow” just cracked me up. It also reminded me of a “tomorrow” story involving my own son. Let me set the scenario – it is Christmas Eve. My son & I are staying the night with my parents, so as…
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Are you too busy?

I recently put out our monthly newsletter, but I have a feeling that our blog readers and newsletter recipients are not the same people. I believe the information in the newsletter is important, so I am going to share it with our blog readers – grin. “The busyness of life undercuts the intimacy of our…
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