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We must have hope

Our church (don’t leave me now, hope is relevant to everyone!) is going through a series about telling your story. The theory being that the things you have done, or have happened to you have brought you to the place you are, and there are probably people who could benefit from knowing your experiences and […]

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Forgiveness in an important topic

This is the eNewsletter I sent out this month, but … since forgiveness IS an important topic, I thought I’d share it as a blog post – grin. Business News:  Pam has been chosen to preview the upcoming book “How Can I Possibly Forgive?”, by Sara Horn. It has some valuable lessons in it!  Watch […]

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Be kind to your fellow man

Yesterday was 9-11. Many of us recall the sadness, anger, and loss of that day in 2001. It is right to remember the tragedy and honor the memories of those who lost their lives. We also remember those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in the war against terror that has since ensued. I’d like […]

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Personal choice is a matter of personal choice.

I witnessed a little bit of a unhappy discussion yesterday. At the end, one person said it me, “It looked like she wanted to get mad.” Interested phrase, don’t you think? Actually, it’s quite accurate. That person had a choice to make, whether to get mad or not. Perhaps she did want to get mad, […]

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Talk is cheap

I bet you know someone who is often talking about what they are going to do – and yet… they aren’t doing it. We all know people like this. The person who talks about • Wanting to lose weight – yet, they sit on the couch eating candy • Wanting to save money or be […]

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You have worth. You have value. You are loved!

Let me say it again… “You have worth. You have value. You are loved!” On the way home yesterday, I heard a song by Tenth Avenue North, “You are more.” They also have a powerful video! I suggest you watch it. Here is one verse… She says, “How did I get here? I’m not who […]

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