Tag: Thanksgiving

Reflections of Thankfulness

My typical Thanksgiving Day has always been crazy busy with cooking and socializing.  So much so that I probably never took the time I should have to truly reflect on the reason for the day.  Thanksgiving is a day to stop our busy lives and reflect on all the blessings we have and be truly…
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When is the RIGHT time for Christmas Decorations?

This is an often discussed topic, and can be a cause of unnecessary stress. I know that everyone has an opinion on this.  How has your opinion been formed?  Why do we put up decorations when we do? It’s what our parents did, so it’s what we do The neighbors put theirs up Decorations are…
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Positive and Thankful Thinking

The theme for today is Thanksgiving.  If I started to list all of the things I am thankful for, you might possibly witness me turn into a puddle of tears.  I don’t think anyone wants that, so we won’t go there. I’m sure you know someone who is just complaining about life every time you talk…
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