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What is the point?

I always have the hubby proofread my blogs. Sometimes he says, “It’s fine, but I don’t see the point.” Hmmm. The point of any good blog, at least from a life coach perspective (in my opinion) is to leave people thinking. Not wondering, “What the heck was that all about?”, but thinking – “What did […]

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You have worth. You have value. You are loved!

Let me say it again… “You have worth. You have value. You are loved!” On the way home yesterday, I heard a song by Tenth Avenue North, “You are more.” They also have a powerful video! I suggest you watch it. Here is one verse… She says, “How did I get here? I’m not who […]

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Sometimes you learn

Watching a Webinar Jim and I watched John Maxwell, Nick Vujicic, and Dave Ramsey talked about “Sometimes you win, Sometimes you learn”  a new book by John Maxwell. The webinar was wonderful!  I imagine the book will be, too. A couple of things they focused on were Taking responsibility for your actions Humility verses pride All three […]

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Over thinking it

Someone recently presented the question:  Who is someone you admire and have always wanted to meet? This came about after a networking meeting where people started talking about the famous people they had met.  I can say that I have met a few celebrities in my time, but I have never been an autograph hound […]

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Backwards Thinking

Wednesday morning, 9:30ish, I was in a hurry to get out the door.  I had just emptied the water pitcher and the filter needed to be replaced.  No time like the present.  It will only take a minute.  A couple of minutes later, after many attempts to put the lid back on the pitcher (with […]

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Why is it that some people don’t seem to understand responsible financial management?!

For a while there was a high school math class, Personal Finance, that actually showed you how to manage your money.  Things like how to keep a checkbook, pay your bills, what bills you should have, the estimated cost of things, SAVING money, budgeting, credit cards, are all important things.  Is this not offered anymore?  […]

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How ya doin’?

I posted a quick status post about this earlier in the week.  I thought I might elaborate in this week’s BLOG – grin. How do you answer when someone asks you “How are you?” or “How ya doin’?”  Think about it.  It happened to me just this evening.  I asked someone “How are you?” and […]

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Healthy vs. Inexpensive

While traveling recently, I was in a gas station/mini mart (unnamed) when I overheard a conversation between two young (7-10) children and their mother. It went something like this… Kids: Can we get these? Mom: No, I think we’ll go across the street and get some chicken nuggets. Kids: But we want these, and they’re […]

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