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We’ll talk about how you can improve in these areas, as well as the glue that holds them all together, at least for us and probably for many of you, Spiritual well-being. Let’s start with Gallup’s definitions and then we’ll leave you with a little assessment. *Career well-being “is about how you occupy your time…
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“One of those days”

I recently had one of those days. You know the ones. The day when it seems like nothing is going as it should be. We all have them. Mine was on a busy day (aren’t they all?) when I was trying to get lots of baking done before my zucchini spoiled. I had been blessed…
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Do you have a “strong-willed child?”

During a conversation my friend commented, “But I know you. You’re gonna do what you’re gonna do.” I had to chuckle, because I thought I had left that behavior behind me many years ago. My husband then chimed in, “We know where our boys get it from.” To which I promptly deflected the blame onto…
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