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The tiresome cycle of busy

Jane Austen once wrote, “Life seems but a quick succession of busy nothings.” It’s true, you know.  When we get too busy our priorities can tend to go awry.  Then our relationships begin to suffer. Have you noticed that when you have a lot to do, you spend less time with the people you love? …
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Overcome Your Overwhelm

There are two theories on how to begin, when there is much to get done.
1. Start with the big thing. Tackle the hard stuff first, then the rest of it seems relatively easy.
2. Start with the smallest thing. Pick something simple and easy to check it off your list. That sense of accomplishment will motivate you to continue.


Pennsylvania has some very strange town names. When we used to travel through PA, one of the town we passed was Lackawanna. (I spelled it incorrectly on purpose, I know nothing about the town and don’t mean any offense to those who live there.) We often passed the sign for Lackawanna College. We would tease…
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