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Be Wise With Social Media

Sometimes the internet and social media get a bad rap.  Some people sit in front of their computer every free moment they can (rather like video games).  Others use it to stir up trouble (cyber bullying).  There have been scams and crimes attributed to social media.  Yes, there are some sites I just stay away…
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Vacations are bitter sweet

Everyone loves vacation. Right? When vacation is over, you get different emotions. I suppose depending on where you have been, who you have been with, and how the time has been. If you’ve had a miserable vacation, you likely can’t wait to get home. If you’ve had a wonderful vacation, you won’t want it to…
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Encouragement for your day

To be perfectly honest… I have so many things swimming around in my head right now I can’t concentrate enough to focus on one topic and blog about it.  I think I will make a page full of those encouraging pictures that people post around the internet and call it productive.  If you are encouraged…
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