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Find your happy place

As I sit down to write this week’s blog, so much has happened recently, that my head is full of options.  Personally, Jim and I are doing great, just keeping very busy.  It’s those around us, friends, family, and neighbors who are having struggles.  In the past six weeks, people we care about are dealing…
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When the hits keep comin’

Ever have a few weeks where it’s just one bad thing after another?  I’m not referring to breaking a nail or spilling your coffee.  I’m talking about life changing, tragic events.  Some people are truly blessed and have never experienced a string of unsettling issues.  Others have them so often, they have learned to roll…
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Margin – We all need it

We have all heard the term “margin” used in different situations. Margin of error, how much room do we have to be wrong. Margin of time, when do we have to leave to be there on time, or fashionably late. Profit margin, how much money is someone going to make on their sale. The concept…
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How we respond matters

I love that Armor of God Devotional page allows me to speak my mind. Check it out here! https://www.armorofgodcoffee.com/blogs/armor-up/how-we-respond-matters

Sleep is essential

Within the midst of our current health pandemic, we are hearing reports of emotional health concerns, due to the isolation and fear people are experiencing around Covid-19. it’s time to write about the importance of getting enough sleep, again.  We’re going to provide you with some information and share a few tips to help you…
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Your heart’s message

I recently heard radio show host, Rob Dempsey say, “The message matters.”  I thought, “I have to use that quote.  He’s spot on!” In these unsettling times we are in, with the Coronavirus and newly rising racial tension, the message we are sending matters.  It doesn’t matter how it’s getting sent, radio, T.V., social media,…
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Honor your father and mother

Love that I can share my thoughts through the Armor of God Coffee Company devotionals, @ArmorCoffee … https://www.armorofgodcoffee.com/blogs/armor-up/honor-your-father-and-mother

For such a time as this

One of my favorite Bible stories is the Book of Esther.  My favorite verse from that book is Esther 4:14 “For if you remain completely silent at this time, relief and deliverance will arise for the Jews from another place, but you and your father’s house will perish. Yet who knows whether you have come…
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Money Anxiety During the Pandemic

During this season of the COVID-19 pandemic, life is just not the same. If you are one of the fortunate ones who has not been laid-off, furloughed, or terminated from your work, you are likely thinking about your money in different ways than when you started the year. If you are one of the unfortunate…
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Breathe to relieve stress

In this uncertain time, I am hearing lots of people talking about how stressed out they are.  You need to breathe! A while back, I sat in on a stress management seminar and they talked about proper breathing.  Back when I was in high school chorus we learned about the importance of proper breathing –…
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