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Would you change your past?

Things we wish we knew when we were younger… Have you ever pondered that statement?  Are there things you wish you had done differently?  Would you go back and change some things, if you could? As I thought about it a few things came to my mind.  Perhaps… Ignore negative peer pressure Listen more /…
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What is your level of commitment?

There are many definitions for the word “commitment”.  I like this one best – a pledge or promise; obligation. With any decision, that is lasting, there is a level of commitment that is made. Let’s consider for a moment… Graduation from school Marriage Children Careers Volunteering Financial freedom The list is truly endless.  Anything that…
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How’s it going so far?

How’s your 2021 starting? Have you been productive? Are you happy?    Not sure how your 2021 has been? Sometimes we are so close to something that we can’t see it clearly. If you’re unsure how your year is going, check in with someone who knows you, your goals, and your dreams. This is where…
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