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Birds Gotta Fly

At what point does a parent “let go”? When your children learn to walk? When they start school? When they get their driver’s license? When they turn 18? When they move out of the house? When they turn 21? When they quit asking your advice? When they get married? When they have children of their […]

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Why are you yelling?

Have you noticed that some people are just yellers?  Not necessarily all the time, mostly when they get perturbed. I was in the car with my 4yr old granddaughter the other day and we were talking about how bossy people don’t have a lot of friends.  She was telling me she had to yell at […]

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Road trip safety

Short and sweet this week, but packed with information! As you may have heard, my daughter-in-law and grandkids were in a car accident on Memorial Day weekend.  Nobody had any major injuries.  The kids seem fine.  So let me say now… “IF YOU HAVE YOUNG CHILDREN WHO BELONG IN A CAR SEAT – USE IT!”  […]

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Goodness, I’m exhausted!

So this week’s blog goes out to all those moms of more than one child who are close in age… My daughter-in-law and my two grandchildren (age 4 and almost 3) were in a car accident Memorial Day weekend.  The kids seem fine, but her back is pretty messed up and she’s on some major […]

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