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Affairs are not always about s – –

I read an interesting article, recently.  I think it was titled, “Why married men don’t cheat” or some such thing.  I skimmed it, as Jim and I discuss this every now and again, when we hear about some celebrity affair/divorce.  I just don’t understand what people don’t get – once you’re committed to someone you […]

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Marriage isn’t easy

I recently had a chat with a woman who was frustrated in her marriage and basically needed to vent. I tend to be a good listener, so it worked well. Once she’d cleared herself of her frustrations, she started asking my opinion. Being a coach, I turned the questions to her, and the conversation continued. […]

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I thought we were typical

I recently had an interesting conversation, about marriage, with someone. They were asking me about finances, control issues, and disagreements. I’m not sure how the conversation got started but it ran the gamut of many things. They commented that they didn’t really like the idea of the man being the head of the house that […]

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