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Judge me as an individual

I do not understand all the hatred in the world! People hate someone because of • Skin color • ancestral background • ethnicity • job • religion • culture • weight • intelligence • wealth • and more Why? Am I better than you, or you better than me, because of the way we look, […]

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You have worth. You have value. You are loved!

Let me say it again… “You have worth. You have value. You are loved!” On the way home yesterday, I heard a song by Tenth Avenue North, “You are more.” They also have a powerful video! I suggest you watch it. Here is one verse… She says, “How did I get here? I’m not who […]

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Is love truly all you need?

And is it really easy?  I grew up listening to the Beatles and loved them as much of the world did.  This being Valentine’s Day {the day of love}, I was going to blog about love and post this video…  The Beatles – All You Need Is Love-HQ  As I listened to it, and smiled […]

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See me beautiful

I walked by a photo frame of lyrics this morning – well I walk by it every morning since it hangs on my wall, and I thought it would be good to post as my BLOG this week.  It is a song by Red Grammer (who we had the pleasure of working & dining with […]

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I love looking at old family photos

Timing is everything.  As I was wondering what to blog about this week, I saw a FaceBook post from my brother, “I was such a cute baby…”  Seems random, right?  What nobody knows is that I recently came across some of his baby pictures and mailed them to him.  Obviously, he received them today. Do […]

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Your cheatin’ heart (PG13)

I read an interesting FB post link yesterday.  I think it was titled, “Why married men don’t cheat” or some such thing.  I skimmed it, as Jim and I discuss this every now and again, when we hear about some celebrity affair/divorce.  I just don’t understand what people don’t get – once you’re committed to […]

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Why are you yelling?

Have you noticed that some people are just yellers?  Not necessarily all the time, mostly when they get perturbed. I was in the car with my 4yr old granddaughter the other day and we were talking about how bossy people don’t have a lot of friends.  She was telling me she had to yell at […]

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Are you speaking the same language?

 How many of you are familiar with “The Five Love Languages” books by Gary Chapman?    I highly recommend them.  The quick info goes like this, everyone has a love language… Words of Affirmation Quality Time Receiving Gifts Acts of Service Physical Touch Do you know yours?  Mine is Physical Touch – grin. The idea being, […]

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Memorial Day Weekend

 What will you be doing this weekend?   Attending a cookout, going on a picnic, boating, beachin’ it, maybe attending a parade?  Maybe you will be going to Washington, DC. to participate in the festivities (or more aptly put, the honoring of memories) and be lucky enough to see Rolling Thunder pass through. Have we, […]

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We’re in a fight.

This title could lead to many possible topics.  I overheard it as part of someone’s telephone conversation.  It was a woman, in the airport, seemingly alone, walking past me.  I heard, “We’re in a fight. <pause> No, we’re in a fight.”  Her intonation and my guessing led me to believe she was talking about her […]

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