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Marriage isn’t easy

I recently had a chat with a woman who was frustrated in her marriage and basically needed to vent. I tend to be a good listener, so it worked well. Once she’d cleared herself of her frustrations, she started asking my opinion. Being a coach, I turned the questions to her, and the conversation continued. […]

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Foundations of Public Liberty and Happiness

After finishing up my volunteer shift at the USO yesterday afternoon, I was saddened to hear the news about the community college shooting in Oregon. I have written before about senseless shootings but have decided to take a different approach to the topic today. My small group has been studying The Truth Project, put out […]

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Are you a true friend?

I recently heard a promo for a Focus on the Family broadcast and was humbled by the type of friend Dennis Jernigan had. He tells that his friend said, “”I believe Jesus is the answer so much that I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get to Him. Let’s just walk towards Him together […]

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