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Financial mistake in your favor, what would you do?

Recently, I was grocery shopping and had put a printer ink cartridge onto the conveyor belt. It was in one of those fancy lock boxes that the cashier needs to open at the register. She opened it and put it in the bag. I asked if she had rung it in and she said, “Yup.” […]

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Accumulating Stuff

Oh my goodness, here we go again. After 3½ years in North Carolina, we are moving! No, we aren’t moving to a new state, but we are moving to a different house. We have decided that it’s time to downsize even more, and the house selling/buying process has begun. Let me just say… if anyone […]

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Kids and money

Just swipe it! Oh my goodness.  Have you seen the credit card commercial (I don’t recall which card) where the woman is traveling and she buys her plane tickets by “swiping” her card?  Then she buys something at a store and the cashier asks her if she wants anything else, she’s like “oh, yeah – […]

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Birds Gotta Fly

At what point does a parent “let go”? When your children learn to walk? When they start school? When they get their driver’s license? When they turn 18? When they move out of the house? When they turn 21? When they quit asking your advice? When they get married? When they have children of their […]

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Needs vs. Wants

Jim and I have been through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, and even helped facilitate one.  I “follow” Dave on social media and often re-post his stuff.  I shared this the other day… I often ask people if what they are thinking of buying is a “want or a need.” If you are doing well, […]

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Why is it that some people don’t seem to understand responsible financial management?!

For a while there was a high school math class, Personal Finance, that actually showed you how to manage your money.  Things like how to keep a checkbook, pay your bills, what bills you should have, the estimated cost of things, SAVING money, budgeting, credit cards, are all important things.  Is this not offered anymore?  […]

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